Computer Science Dept. Czars


As you might guess, these are not the department's personal Russian emperors. Rather, a "czar" is a member of the department who is providing a service to the department as a volunteer.

There is no requirement that students act as czars, but the work that czars do helps the department run smoothly and everybody benefits in some way from the czar system, so you are urged to take on czarships occasionally to carry your share of the burden of department work.

If there is a czarship that you think should be created (particularly if you would be willing to take it on yourself at the beginning), contact the Czar Czar (currently Jonathan Chang, [hover to see e-mail address]) and let him know.

Current Czars

Title Czars
Board GamesDietrich Geisler
Brown BagYi Jiang, Jonathan Shi, Eston Schweickart
CalendarCosku Acay
CokeAndrew Hirsch
ColloquiumWil Thomason et al.
Czar CzarJonathan Chang
DeskDietrich Geisler
EspressoKai Mast
FellowshipsMatthew Milano
FoosballJohn Ryan
Grad Women in CISAna Smith
HockeyJack Hessel
KitchenGeoff Pleiss
MentoringCheng Perng Phoo, Drew Zagieboylo
MilkClaire Liang
OutreachShannon Joyner
PicnicTegan Wilson, Edward Tremel
PhotoGregory Yauney (Ithaca), Richard Bowen (NYC)
PLDGEric Campbell, Molly Feldman
Programming ContestHaobin Ni
QuotesEdward Tremel
Room ReservationMatthew M., Eston S., Wil T., Joshua G., Molly F., Jonathan C., John R., Kate D.
Social HourAshudeep Singh
Student Brown BagMichael Roberts
Systems LunchEdward Tremel
TAMatthew Milano
TabletopMatthew Milano
Tea and TreatsDanny Adams
TGIFJonathan DiLorenzo
T-ShirtLucy Li
Video GamesHaobin Ni
Visit DayIthaca: Julia L., Lucy L., Kevin N., Elisabeth R., Alexa V., Himank Y., Wenting Z.
NYC: Cody F., Sam H., Deepak M.
Second Years: Jonathan C., Dietrich G.
WikiAna Smith

Open Czarships/looking for help/successors

If you are interested in any of these positions, please email the Czar Czar (hover to see e-mail address)!

CokeNeeds Successor
ColloquiumHelp always welcome
PicnicNeeds helper and future successor
TGIFNeeds Successor

Lapsed Czarships

GPSA Representative
Relocation Czar
Talks Website
Theory Tea
Last updated April 23rd, 2019